Website Terminology


The Line-of-Progression is the current placement of a members bid at the time of that bid (e.g. 4750 left to Fill-it-up). In that example the member’s current Line-of-Progression would be 4750. That is the amount of bids remaining until the Fill it up is reached. Each time a member applies a bid to the same item that member will be shown a new updated and current Line-of-Progression. The next bid in the previous example would be 4749. The updated Line-of-Progression will be lower than the previous bid, but may not be consecutive. No two members can have the same Line-of-Progression on the same item.

The Bidwey Reserve

The Bidwey Reserve is the minimum amount of bids that are to be collected for an item before the Fill-it-up option can be used. This number is noted in the bottom section of the product information box. This amount is determined by bidwey and locked at a specific number until that item is purchased. No item’s reserve or Fill it up is reflected by another item that is the same or similar.

Fill-it-Up or FIU

FIU is an option that allows a member to pay the remaining balance of bids for an item after The Bidwey Reserve is met. Once the Fill it up option becomes available on an item, each bid applied thereafter will lower the remaining balance by one bid. If a member uses the Fill it up option, that member becomes the Last to act, thus purchasing that item. At this point that member will be directed to the check out page for payment instructions. While that member is in the checkout process the item will read pending and further bidding will be on hold for all other members. Upon approval of the purchase, the pending banner will change to a flashing sold banner and the item is then unavailable for any further bidding. The item will then be replaced by another item. If the check out process was unapproved, then bidding will continue where it left off.


Last-to-Act is the member who is responsible for applying the last bid required on an item. There are two ways for a member to be the Last-to-Act; One, If a member uses the Fill it up option and is approved. Two, If the Fill it up option is not used by any member, then bids will continue to be collected until all the required bids for that item are collected. The member who applies the last bid for that item is the Last-to-Act. In the case of the second situation the member will be directed to the checkout page for shipping arrangements. Since all the bids were collected, the item is considered sold and no other payments need to be made. The item will also display a flashing sold banner to all other members and be replaced by another item.