bidwey is the greatest entertainment shopping experience ever to come along. We are a collective Network Purchasing website. In a sense using crowd sourcing to pay for the items. Meaning that collectively through a network of people you can purchase an item. The process in which we operate determines who retains possession. In this case and unless otherwise noted, it is last-to-act.

The first step is to become a member. Memberships are free and each member must be logged in to bid on any item. Bids are $1.00 each and will be stored in the member’s account where they can be used to bid on items. A member can buy bids in prearranged bundles to suit your needs.

The process is simple. Each item has its own specific amount of bids required to purchase that item. The amount of bids that have been currently collected are hidden from view. A member must place one bid to see their current Line-of-Progression. Members will apply bids toward an item, one bid at a time. Each bid shows their current Line-of-Progression. Once all the bids are collected, the item is deemed sold. The member that applies the last bid is the winner.

Each time a member applies a bid to an item, that member will be given their current Line-of-progression for that item (e.g 4750 bids to Fill it up). If the bid was not last bid required, then the member will have the option to bid again. If a member applies another bid to an item that the member has previously bid on, that member will be then given the updated current Line-of-progression (e.g. 4749). Bids might not be consecutive due to other members also bidding on the same item. This process continues as members collectively apply bids to the same items. Every bid applied to an item reduces the remaining balance by one bid on that item.

Once the amount of bids required for an item reaches the bidwey reserve, a member has the option to Fill-it-up. By using this option the member will be responsible for applying the amount of bids remaining for that item. By doing so the
member has purchased the item for that amount.

First you need to sign up for our free membership. Then click on the buy bids tab on the homepage and purchase a bid bundle that works for you. Go back to the home page, find the item(s) that you like and start bidding. There is no guaranteed way to win, but we can offer some tips below that may help you get started.

No, bidwey is a Collective Network Purchasing website. This one of a kind model brings you the best entertainment shopping has to offer. Giving you the opportunity to purchase your favorite items for as low as $1.00.

  • No lame countdown clock
  • No added fees after you win
  • No shipping fees*
  • No used items
  • No bots

*Standard shipping in the contiguous U.S. is always free here at bidwey (shipping outside the contiguous U.S. could incur an extra cost for shipping). However we do not currently offer international shipping. International customers may receive a gift card of equal value from the supplier of that particular item.

Shill bidding is when the seller of an item has a third party bid on their item solely with the intent of driving the price up and not for the purpose of buying the product. Commonly seen at large auction and penny auction sites. At bidwey, shill bidding is useless since the price goes down with every bid applied.

Yes! All products are shipped brand-new from the supplier. Vehicles from dealers could be last years model but would never have been previously owned. The custom muscle cars are previously owned and information pertaining to them are listed with the item. There are minimum requirements to be met for that category.

We do not have contracts with any particular companies. Currently we purchase our products direct at retail from various suppliers such as, Amazon, Best Buy, Macy’s & Lowes to name a few. We try to purchase from a suppliers or dealer that is close to you geographically. The supplier your item is purchased from will be on your receipt. We do not purchase products from any third party suppliers.

Bids are $1 each. They are available for purchase on the buy bids tab. They currently come in bundles $5, $10, $25, $50.

Yes! Bidwey is up to date on the latest security software. bidwey uses Stripe for a payment portal. All transactions are encrypted and bidwey.com is secured with a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate.

The first of two ways to win; You can win the right to purchase the item known as Fill-it-up (see fill-it-up). The second way is; If no member exercises the Fill it up, the member to apply the last bid required for that item is the winner of that item.

Whether you won the item through the Fill it up option or being the last bid required, you will be directed to the checkout page to complete the process. The item will be delivered to you to the address you provided.

Standard shipping in the contiguous U.S. is always free here at Bidwey (shipping outside the contiguous U.S. could incur an extra cost for shipping). However we do not currently offer international shipping. Our international members will receive a gift card of equal value form the current supplier of that item.

Yes, by placing a bid on a few items or as many as you like, you can see which item is closest to the Fill it up or beyond. Once you find an item close to the Fill it up being active or close to being the Last to act, keep bidding on that item to try and win. After you bid on an item a few times, you can start to gauge how fast people are bidding on that item. Keep in mind that our history shows the closer to the end it is, the faster it will move.

bidwey has very exact software which will determine the true Last to act on any item. There can only be one winner per item.

No. bids do not expire on active accounts. Accounts can become inactive if there is no activity for six (6) months.

Yes. If a member violates any rules set forth in the Terms and Conditions, or an account that is inactive for a period of six (6) months may be terminated. Any bids in the member’s account will be forfeited.

If a member becomes deceased and has an active account with bids. A family member that has an account can be transfer the remaining bids to their account with a copy of a certified death certificate. Bids can not be cashed out.

Items will be shipped usually within 24-48 hours after the time of purchase. Standard ground shipping is included with the purchase within the contiguous United States. Shipping procedures and schedules are determined by the company the item is ordered from. Concerns should be directed to the company listed on your receipt.

Standard shipping in the contiguous U.S. is always free here at bidwey (shipping outside the contiguous U.S. could incur an extra cost for shipping). However we do not currently offer international shipping.

At this time shipping is restricted to the 50 states in the United States. Extra fees may also be associated when shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

bidwey does not personally refund items. Members should review the return policy from the supplier that provided the item.

If a member has enough bids in their account, they can use all or part of them for payment. The remainder can be in your account area, bidwey accepts all major credit cards.

Aside form being the best online entertainment shopping website in existence. The reality is that our operation gives a member the best opportunity to buy items at the lowest prices possible in our opinion. It also gives the member the opportunity to purchase an item that may otherwise not be in their budget.

No. You can only see your personal bidding information after a bid is made. We do not show other member’s bidding information to prevent collusion. If a member shares their Line-of-progression with another member, this information will actually work against them. Remember, the idea is to let a network of members apply bids to the lower the cost of the item.

When a member sees a pending banner over an item, that item is in the checkout process by another member. Should the member not be able to pay for the item for any reason, the banner will be lifted and bidding will resume where it left off. Upon approval of the purchase, the pending banner will be replaced by a sold banner. That item will then be replaced by new item for bidding.

If a member’s payment methods are declined, the member will forfeit the right to buy that item. The pending will be removed and the item will resume bidding where it left off.

Yes, based on the mechanics of our operation. If your bid is the last one required for that item, then you will have bought that item for a dollar. Currently all bids are one dollar. As we grow there are plans to have more expensive items with bids of $5 and $10.

All returns, refunds and damaged items follow the terms and conditions and the policies of the supplier your item came from. Please refer to your receipt for the supplier information.

No time clocks on bidwey. Each item will be on the site until the all the bids have been collected for that item.

By clicking on the register button in the upper right hand corner of the website.

No. Memberships are free at bidwey.

Email our support staff through the contact form on the contact us page.

You can request to have your password reset by clicking “Forgot Password” on the login page.

Refer to your receipt for supplier information for your item. Check the address to make sure it is correct. All deliveries follow the polices of the supplier of your product.

If an item you bid on is still available, it will automatically appear on the transactions tab in your account dashboard. If you know the item number associated with it, you can also type
that number in the search box. If the item has been sold it will be unavailable.

Items that have been sold will be removed from the website.

Yes. Eligible promo codes can be entered into the promo box at any time. If the code is sill active the bids will be added directly to your account. You are however limited to the restrictions of each promotion.

No. As long as your referred friend meets the requirements, you will receive the referral bids as described in the refer a friend program. All codes and free bids are considered redeemed upon entering them into the account.

No. Upon the completion of the checkout process the automated system will contact the supplier and ship the item to the address you provided.

Of course there is, heres what we suggest. Bid on a few items and see which one is closest to the Fill it up or closest to the last required bid. After you pick one, bid again and see how far your line of progression has moved. Based on that information, you can gauge how fast other members are bidding on that item. When the item hits the bidwey reserve use the Fill it up or try to be the last bidder, which ever you choose.

Absolutely! As a matter a fact you can bid on any item on bidwey! Also every time you bid on an item, your bid history is listed on the transactions tab in your account. Here you can monitor the items you have bid on.

An internet bot, also known as a web robot, is a software that runs automated tasks over the internet. Typically bots perform tasks that are both simple and structurally repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone. Bidwey does not allow bots and anyone caught using them will be terminated from the site.

You must use an internet browser to access the internet and use bidwey.

Your internet connection must be stable to access the internet.