Privacy Policy (bidwey) is a service provided to you by bidwey, Inc. We acknowledge and respect your personal privacy. This Privacy Policy describes how bidwey gathers, handles, and disseminates your information when you access and use our sites, services, applications and tools (collectively “Services”). By using bidwey Services, you accept and consent to the practices described herein. By accepting the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions and by using our Services, you expressly permit bidwey, its agents, employees, and assigns, as well as its third party service providers, to collect, store, use, and disclose your personal information and data as described herein. If you do not consent to the below described practices, you are welcome to discontinue your use of bidwey Services at any time.

1. Data and Information Collection

You may visit bidwey websites at any time without providing your identity or revealing information about yourself. However, when you visit any of the bidwey websites, we may collect and store the following kinds of information and data:

  • Information about your computer, internet connection, and internet service provider (ISP);
  • Statistics about the web pages you view;
  • IP address and web log;
  • Information from other companies;
  • Certain demographic information and navigation data; etc.

In order to use bidwey Services, you will be required to register with bidwey. The registration process requires that you provide some of your personal information, including but not limited to the following: 

  • your email address;
  • your first and last name;
  • your date of birth;
  • certain financial information; 
  • bidwey password, etc.

Prior to registering with bidwey, you are anonymous. However, once complete the registration process, you are no longer anonymous. By completing the registration process, you consent to bidwey’s acquisition, storage, and transfer (collectively “use”) of the above-described information and data, as well as all transactional information, including but not limited to credit card information from your use or access of bidwey’s Services, as well as any other supplemental information from third parties.

2. Use of Data and Information

bidwey’s use of your information and data is intended to provide you with a safe, efficient, and customized experience through bidwey Services; to that end, bidwey may use your information and data to provide you with customer support and other services, such as the resolution of disputes, the collection of fees, the prevention of potentially prohibited or illegal activities. We may also use your data and information to:

  • Customize, measure, and improve our services, content, and advertising;
  • Provide services updates and marketing promotions;
  • Validate information through bidwey or other third party providers; etc.

3. Disclosure of Data and Information

bidwey may disclose your information and data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in order to:

  • Meet certain legal obligations under local, state and federal law;
  • Respond to claims that listings or content violates the rights of others;
  • Protect anyone’s rights, property or safety.

bidwey may also share your information and data with law enforcement and third party service providers to assist with fraud investigations, debt collection, or criminal investigations, if required by law. However, bidwey will not share your information and data with any business entity or organization that is not a third party service provider, or an agent or assigns of bidwey or bidwey, Inc. bidwey will not share your information and data with any third party advertisers.

4. User Information on bidwey

Your user information will be used, maintained, and stored in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions herein. When visiting the Site or using the Services from a shared or public computer, it is your responsibility to keep your identifying information, including your personal information private. On public or shared computers, your information may be viewed or used by others. Therefore, it is your responsibility to protect that information and keep it private by deleting it or taking some other protective measures.

5. Access, Review, and Change of Personal Data

You can access and change most of your personal information on the Site by logging on to the Site at any time. However, some of your personal information can only be changed by contacting bidwey Customer Service. Accurate information is required for billing and delivery purposes. You are required to update your personal information if changes occur or information is inaccurate.

6. Closing User Accounts

When you close your account, bidwey will remove your personal information from view as soon as is reasonably possible, based on your account activity and in accordance with applicable law. We do retain personal information from closed accounts to comply with law, prevent fraud, collect any fees owed, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigations, enforce our Terms and Conditions, and to take other actions otherwise permitted by law.

7. The Use of Cookies on the Site

The Site uses so-called “cookies”, which are files that are stored on your computer that can be retrieved to assist in customizing your experience with the Site and the Service. The information saved supports functionality of the Site. By way of example and not limitation, cookies track your visual preferences and control the frequency of pop-up windows on the Site for you. You may prevent cookies from being saved on your computer’s hard drive by adjusting the corresponding settings in your web browser. However, adjusting those settings may affect your user experience by limiting functionality.

8. Notice of Privacy Rights to California Residents

California law requires that we provide you with a summary of your privacy rights under the California Online Privacy Protection Act (the “Act”) and the California Business and Professions Code. As required by the Act, and at your request, we provide you with the categories of personally identifiable information that we collect through the Site and the categories of third parties or entities with whom such personally identifiable information may be shared for direct marketing purposes. Upon receipt of your request, we are required to inform you the above information, as well as identify the third parties with which we share your information; this includes the names and addresses of those third parties; and examples of products marketed by those parties. The Act further requires us to allow you to control with whom we share this information. To obtain this above information or to make your request pursuant to the Act, you can make your request by email to or by First Class Mail at bidwey, 13665 Dixon Rd. Dundee, MI. 48131. When contacting us, please indicate your name, address, email address and what personally identifiable information that you do not want us to share with third parties. The request should be labeled “California Customer Choice Notice”. Please allow us 30 days to fulfill your request or otherwise respond. Please note: there is no charge for controlling the sharing of your personally identifiable information.

9. General

We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time by posting a new Privacy Policy on the Site. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time without notice to you. Consequently, you should review this policy each time you visit the Site.