How it works

How it works – In short

Bidwey is what we call a Collective Network Purchasing website. It’s a bidding platform where the price goes down with every bid. The collection process begins as members bid on items one dollar at a time. Each time a member bids on an item that dollar/bid is applied to that item and the price goes down by one. Each time a bid is applied we also show how many bids are left to be collected for that item. However, there is a feature called Fill it Up that can be used prior to reaching the end of the collection process. If a member bids and the feature is available the member can use this feature to purchase the item for the amount of bids remaining at that moment.

How it works – The long version

The first step is to become a member. Memberships are free and each member must be logged in to bid on any item. Bids are one dollar each and will be stored in the member’s account where they can be used to bid on items. A member can buy bids in prearranged bundles to suit your needs. 

The process is simple. Each item has its own specific amount of bids required to purchase that item. Bids are currently one dollar each and are applied to the item one at a time until all the bids have been collected. Once enough bids have been collected you can use the Fill it up feature. This feature allows you to apply all the bids remaining at that time to purchase that item. Every time you bid we show you how many bids are left to reach the Fill it up. When all the bids have been collected the item is considered sold. Only one person can use the Fill it up feature per item. If no one uses the Fill it up feature the last bid applied to the item determines the owner. 

How to create a membership

Click on the register button in the upper right-hand corner of the home page on the website. In the sign up form, enter your first name, last name, email address, and a password. It is not required to fill out the address section to create a membership. However, it will speed up the purchase process in the future.

Buy Bid Credits

How to buy bids

Once you have created a membership and are logged in, click on the buy bids tab near the top of the page. There you will find bid bundles in various denominations starting with $5.00.

How to bid on items

Log in to your account. As long as you have bids in your account, you can bid on any available item by clicking the “bid this item” button below the shown item. The only time an item would not be available is during a pending sale by another member.

Bid on items

How to use promo codes and coupons.

Coupon codes can only be applied in the cart, enter the code in the coupon code field and then click “Apply coupon”. If a valid coupon code is used, a message stating the coupon code was applied will appear, along with a summary of the coupon discount under the the cart total.

bidwey admin codes.

These codes are created by bidwey for admins to use in recruiting new members. When the new member uses the admins code upon signing up, both parties will receive a free bid. Once the admin accumulates the minimum number required, the remaining bids are redeemable as a form of commissions. If the agent does not meet the minimum number required the bids will not be redeemable. However, they will be left in their account and used on the website to bid on items at their discretion. See the Terms & Conditions for the exact rules and requirements.

How to return items.

Do not contact bidwey. The supplier for your product is listed on the confirmation email sent to you upon checkout. All return policies and warranties are honored as per the company polices where the item was purchased from. If you need to return an item for any reason contact the number on the suppliers website

Product Disclaimer.

The product images shown are for illustrations purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the actual product available. Products may vary due to product enhancement or current inventory available. Bidwey reserves the right to change the product images and specifications at any time without notice. However, bidwey does not change images or specifications to a product located inside the product boxes until it is sold. Upon the sale a product will be replaced by another product either the same or different.